Castle Green Mother’s Day Tour






The historic Castle Green invites you to experience it on a more intimate level than usual. Situated between Raymond Avenue and Fair Oaks Blvd., at the gateway to Old Pasadena since 1898. Designed by Frederick Roehrig in an alluring mixture of Moorish, Turkish and Victorian style. The building is one of the most important and unique icons in all of Southern California. Certainly, the most exotic place in Pasadena.

The salons, library (Bridge of Sighs), sunroom, ballroom, halls and original elevator provide a completely unique experience for visitors. Once a luxurious escape from the cold winters of the East and Midwest, some tour-goers claim to have heard haunting laughter and old music coming from unknown sources.

The building is one of the most rare of all National Historic Places because of its model of self-sustainability. While many beautiful old buildings throughout the United States fall victim to the inability to raise funds to support their restoration, the Castle Green has been able to keep itself looking beautiful through a residential strategy.

The residents of the Castle Green rent or independently own their apartments. The fees they pay (HOA)  in combination with the revenues raised from events and tours provide for the cost of its restoration. It is not easy to live at a place that must ask its residents to sacrifice privacy at times to enable fundraising events, but the public is grateful and that, for many, is worth the effort.

This tour will be a self-guided one. It will include the ground floor, parts of the basement, the stunning rooftop view, the penthouse and some very well appointed private apartments, allowed at their owner’s discretion.

Light refreshments will be available on the lovely veranda. Please enjoy yourself and know that your support of this building is a very worthy cause. Preservation of the Castle Green is appreciated in the present and sets an example for generations to come.


Bridge of Sighs

The Bridge at the Castle Green (1898) is perhaps the most striking and unusual architectural feature as you enter under it at 99 South Raymond Avenue. Colonel George Gil Green commissioned Frederick Roehrig to design it to give train passengers and guests an easy passage way to get from station and original Hotel Green to the beautiful Central Annex (Castle Green). The Bridge was halved when the Hotel Green was razed in 1935.

Undoubtedly, Mr. Roehrig was inspired by the original Venetian Ponte dei Sospiri (1600).

???????????????????????????????And, some may argue that the Castle Green’s Bridge of Sighs looks more like the Hertford Bridge (1914) in Oxford, England. Or, did Mr. Roehrig inspire that one since the Castle Green Bridge of Sighs is older. Well, no. Although, he did study architecture there.


The English bridge has been coined The Bridge of Sighs because its builders were inspired by the Rialto Bridge. Like the designer Fortuny (ceiling lamps in the Moorish and Turkish salons), it’s another Venetian, Ponte di Rialto (1591).


You see how easily one can fall into a rabbit hole? Google Bridge of Sighs and you’ll find a list of bridges all over the world that seem to all have a commonality with perhaps the oldest design, Puente del Diablo (1283).

Travel the word, but there’s no place like home. For more information about the Pasadena Castle Green Bridge visit

A January Scene At The Hotel Green Pasadena, CA