PGOAT Prettiest Girl of All Time: Watercolor #4

Friends of the Castle Green:

The Castle Green or as I like to call her, the lady with the Green eye that watches over the city of Pasadena likes it when artists paint her image–especially from the street view. Please feel welcomed and invited to set up your easel and give it a go. Let us know. We’ll have a show. Who knows?

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Like the title? “Infinite Jest” Chapter 99. Yes, gentle readers. You may ask yourself, is she trying to impress us with this announcement? Damn right – I need to have something to fall back on in case the watercolors don’t wow you. And by the increasingly marginal place by blog seems to occupy, I fear this may be the hideous and ruthless truth.

~~~awkward segue~~~

Woke up rather cold and late last Saturday morning. Dark skies, though longed for, kind of knocked me for a loop. It had rained hard the night before. I was kept up most the night by Mr V, my unpaid intern. Heavy rains had him scurrying up and down our hill to dispense of the water collecting on the ceiling of his makeshift tent/studio. A series of plastic tarps strung together with metal tubing. Humble materials traded from a previous Trash Tuesday; the abandoned windfall…

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What Stats wants to do to the Castle Green


This photo is a scale model of the Castle Green photographed inside their secret Stats Strategy Salon across the street. A reliable source @PatriciaHeaton said she overheard the CEO of Stats plotting to decorate the entire Castle Green exterior in the middle of the night.

Good Heavens! Molly bar the door. Get me a kleeenickshsh. sh.

Haha Happy Holidays!

Still, not joking about the mess planned for the other side. No joke.

Everyone’s here but you

And, it’s hard to understand where you are. Where are you? I know we are just bags of skin and bones. There must be more to us. There must be something beyond this limiting existence.

All I know is, we miss you. It’s not the same. We are lost.


Hi PI,

I have to say, don’t think I’m gone.



Erika Marrin, Friend, November 15, 196– to November 22, 2013