September: Time To Clean House

IMG_1052.JPG This vintage family photo was shared recently by the granddaughter of those pictured. Her grandfather was employed at a fine local hotel as a butler and grandmother, great aunts as maids, cooks, caretakers, etc.

A family album that provides fine examples of having pride in a job well done, an exemplary work ethic, a work force with integrity. Although it may seem outdated, Happy Labor Day to all who are generously endowed with labors of love. May your principles that rise above self-interest be rewarded by expansion across the Universe.

August Flower

August Flower was the name of the elixir that was was so popular in the late 1800s. Col. GG Green’s enormous wealth was derived from its massive sales. He had a mind for advertising. When he found himself in the hotel business in Pasadena, like any smart businessman, he considered good will hunting. One good platform for spreading the warm and fuzzy is his entry in the Tournament of Roses 1905.


Okay, maybe not warm and fuzzy in August. Think New Year’s morning, when the parade happens. However, recently uncovered accounts of the affects of the August Flower elixir actually do suggest “warm and fuzzy feeling” even in the depth of summer swelter. Oh, never mind!

Thanks be to our friends in Woodbury, New Jersey, Village Preservation Society for providing the photos (above and below).

PS. The float is photographed here in front of the Hotel Green building on Raymond Ave. that was abandoned and razed in the mid 1930s.

1st floor Green complex floor plan includes Original Hotel Green (lost 1934), Central Annex (Castle Green), Wooster Block (Green Hotel Apartments)

1st floor Green complex floor plan includes Original Hotel Green (lost 1934), Central Annex (Castle Green), Wooster Block (Green Hotel Apartments)

“Impacts would be less than significant”

Dear Friends,

Like some kind of a nut, I read the Green Hotel Apartments Draft EIR, Section 3.1 last night. Sweating in 102 degree heat, swatting at mosquitos while plotz’d-out on my back porch, a crow’s flap away from the Green mothership herself.

“I don’t know what the big deal is… it’s just a 75 foot high, 76,980 sq. ft. addition butted up to a National Historic Landmark. It won’t even be noticeable.”

The report is peppered with the phrase “Impacts would be less than significant” but it is the photographs and the photo-simulations of what is claimed to be “less than significant” that shock me. For instance, here is a photograph of a before and after taken from one of my favorite and most photographed vantage points because of its unique view of the western turret. As you can see in the after… turret is GONE. 


Then, to spit in the eye of my eye-candy, this paragraph describes how “less than significant” this view is for the public. You’re hurting me.


Somehow, it’s decided that there is a “more prominent view” and “more notable view” than the west side of our National Landmark. It makes it okay to affect and obscure the view from the public. You know, “the public” ie. whose view is to be left unobstructed when it comes to historical buildings?

It’s not like they don’t know where the special public vantage points are. They’ve identified them for us here in 3.1.6 yet the plan remains to take them away.


Alright, alright. It’s ridiculous. Please call, write, email the project manager at the City of Pasadena and ask him to send you a notice for when the next public hearing will be. His name is:

Kevin Johnson

Project: Green Hotel Apartments- 86 S. Fair Oaks


phone: (626) 744-7806  fax: (626) 396-7259

address: Design and Historic Preservation Section, 175 N. Garfield Ave., Pasadena, CA 91101


That’s right not significant. Not the least bit significant, at all. (((cough)))



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