Tour Goers Have Snapped!

The Friends of the Castle Green Mother’s Day Tour was a rousing success. There was so much architectural and interior design eye candy that the cameras were snapping like crazy. Thanks to donations and the generosity of its residents, good will and hard work of dedicated volunteers of the Friends of the Castle Green and your participation in this event, restoration projects can continue.

Here are a few captures by patrons of the tour:

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Bridge of Sighs

The Bridge at the Castle Green (1898) is perhaps the most striking and unusual architectural feature as you enter under it at 99 South Raymond Avenue. Colonel George Gil Green commissioned Frederick Roehrig to design it to give train passengers and guests an easy passage way to get from station and original Hotel Green to the beautiful Central Annex (Castle Green). The Bridge was halved when the Hotel Green was razed in 1935.

Undoubtedly, Mr. Roehrig was inspired by the original Venetian Ponte dei Sospiri (1600).

???????????????????????????????And, some may argue that the Castle Green’s Bridge of Sighs looks more like the Hertford Bridge (1914) in Oxford, England. Or, did Mr. Roehrig inspire that one since the Castle Green Bridge of Sighs is older. Well, no. Although, he did study architecture there.


The English bridge has been coined The Bridge of Sighs because its builders were inspired by the Rialto Bridge. Like the designer Fortuny (ceiling lamps in the Moorish and Turkish salons), it’s another Venetian, Ponte di Rialto (1591).


You see how easily one can fall into a rabbit hole? Google Bridge of Sighs and you’ll find a list of bridges all over the world that seem to all have a commonality with perhaps the oldest design, Puente del Diablo (1283).

Travel the word, but there’s no place like home. For more information about the Pasadena Castle Green Bridge visit

A January Scene At The Hotel Green Pasadena, CA